Spend Earth Day with Edward Abbey

ed abbey

Photo by Jim Stiles. Image courtesy of National Park Service.

Edward Abbey was a naturalist and novelist whose works display his passionate and radical love for the American West and its environment. His novels and essays encourage preserving the natural landscape and preventing over-development, no matter the cost. Friend and bioregional aural historian Jack Loeffler asserted Abbey’s “greatest contribution was his meld of environmentalism and anarchism that resulted in the radical environmental movement which is alive and well today.” The Arizona Republic is currently running a series of long-form articles about Edward Abbey’s last act of defiance – his death.

Edward Abbey’s message resonates strongly 26 years after his death. California’s recent drought signals an impending crisis in the West, while Arizona – a state built on defining water rights – continues its exponential growth.

Explore Abbey’s writing on ReadingArizona.org:

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