Welcome Secretary of State Michele Reagan!

The Reading Arizona team is pleased to welcome our new Secretary of State Michele Reagan! The Arizona State Library, Archives, and Public Records is a division of the Secretary of State’s Office, and as part of the division we are looking forward to working to increasing access to information for Arizonans.

The Arizona State Library, Archives, and Public Records originally began in 1864 as the Territorial Library, under the Secretary of the Territory. President Abraham Lincoln appointed Richard C. McCormick to Secretary of the Territory. McCormick purchased 300 books on law, literature, history, and reference. These books were hauled across the country in mule-drawn wagons to the first state capital, Prescott, where they became the first collection in the Territorial Library. Many survive and are in the Arizona State Archives’ Arizona Collection.

The State Library was governed by the State Legislature, and for a brief period in the 1970s was under the Arizona Department of Administration, before finally returning to the Secretary of State in 2009.

Reading Arizona features a collection of ebooks on State and Local Officials as well as an anthology on the Timeline of Arizona History.

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