Touring the West with Zane Grey

grey coverZane Grey (1872-1939) wrote novels with the power to transport the reader to the American West, captivating generations with adventure and romance. As a young boy, Lawrence Clark Powell was enthralled by Grey’s stories. Powell channeled this love as a librarian at the University of California Los Angeles and the University of Arizona, and throughout his career published over 100 books, many concerning Arizoniana and Western lore.

Read what Powell said about Grey in his book Books West Southwest, reprinted in the Arizona State Library’s Library Extension Service newsletter, The Road-runner, August 1958.



Explore the West with Zane Grey ebooks, available in the Zane Grey collection on Reading Arizona:

  • Desert Gold: A Romance of the Border
  • The Heritage of the Desert
  • Ken Ward in the Jungle
  • The Last of the Plainsmen
  • The Man of the Forest
  • The Rainbow Trail: A Romance
  • Tales of Lonely Trails
  • To the Last Man
  • Wildfire
  • The Young Forester
  • The Young Lion Hunter
  • The Young Pitcher
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