Arizona Archival Ebooks

Despite being one of the youngest states, Arizona has a long, diverse history spanning centuries. Reading Arizona Ebooks hopes to bring that history to a broad audience through the Arizona Archival Ebooks collection. The collection will feature digitized versions of books and manuscripts with expired copyrights that are currently preserved in archives across the state. The collection will be accessible to more than just Arizona library patrons, but anyone looking for more information about the state’s history, such as high school and college students seeking primary sources, scholars and researchers at every level, and casual readers. The State Library recently applied for an IMLS National Leadership Grant for Libraries, which will fund the planning process to identify the most unique and interesting resources in Arizona archives to be selected for digitization. Instead of traveling to an archive during business hours, sitting in a reading room, and taking notes or making copies, Arizona Archival Ebooks will allow readers to access rare materials conveniently and without risking damage to the items. Not only will the collection help researchers, but it will complement the contemporary materials that will also be available on the platform.

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